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venus women's toner

For women only! At last, a toner that addresses the way our fluctuating hormones affect our complexions. Full of a harmonious multitude of time-honored herbs for women, plus plenty of nourishment to support the overall health and beauty of our skin.

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Grateful Body's new 2017 line

Our nearly 20 years of artisanship have yielded a wealth of knowledge, and now it all comes together. The same impeccable standard of ingredient purity and vitality as always, plus the expertise to create our most effective and luxurious products ever!

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Seven powers


The ultimate facial serum & eye creme— an extraordinary abundance of botanical intelligence !

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rich moisturizer

When you need a moisturizer that provides intensive and exceptional hydrating results, your skin will be consistently sustained by this deeply emollient formula. Each potent and restorative drop delivers concentrated botanical nourishment to keep your skin healthy, supple and radiant.
~ Includes ‘sun-sensible’ ingredients to help your skin absorb the benefits of sunshine.

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essential cleanser

Experience your daily cleansing ritual with pleasure and gratitude! This nurturing cleanser is hand-crafted from whole, vital plant ingredients to nourish and comfortably invigorate the skin, while organic papaya provides an ultra-mild exfoliating action to refine the complexion. Cleanses effectively, leaving skin feeling balanced and soft, never tight or dry.

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Midnight oil


This uplifting yet grounding body oil gives your whole body smooth, silky skin. The serenely evocative scent and comforting, sensuous feel of MIDNIGHT OIL provide a significant antidote to the effects of stress and hurry.

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