about our new line

Dear Friends,

Last year, talking to my sister at the beach, I mentioned that I was not so happy with the current state of Grateful Body.  Being my informal business mentor for several decades and deeply interested in the development of our company, her ears perked right up. "Tell me!" she whispered, wanting all the gory details.

I decided to spill the beans.  "First of all, our product line is unnecessarily complex. Does one use a Toner or a Phytonic or both?  Which of the four Serums does one need?  Do you Boost everyday?  Should I use Calm or Extra Gentle?"  I was chagrined to notice how quickly she was agreeing with me.  "Second of all, with twenty years of experience working with customers and plants, I've grown to understand that organizing our line around the concept of 'skin type' is not the most useful or sensible way to meet their needs.  And third, after all these years, I've got some new tricks up my sleeve to make our line even better."  She excitedly stood up and grinned . . . "Go for it!"

So a little more than a year has gone by, working it, researching, experimenting and continuously asking the questions, "What is needed?" and "How best to provide that support?"  Finally, here we are now, having put all we know and understand into our new products. Gratefully cherishing our responsibility as emissary of the plant kingdom, Grateful Body presents to you our new botanical skin care line: simple, vital, holistic and revolutionary.

SIMPLE because an optimal product line, beautifully and zen-fully, makes complex issues of skin care perfectly clear.  VITAL because of our unceasing devotion to protecting and delivering healing life force to the skin. HOLISTIC because of our firm adherence to the Intelligence of Great Nature rather than the intellect of the laboratory, and REVOLUTIONARY because of the multi-dimensional nourishment provided to address the many chronological and environmental stressors impacting so many people these days. 

In honor of our new residence in Nevada City, California, Mary has chosen the graceful and elegant Cliff Swallow—that delightful feathered friend favoring our summer Yuba River swimming hole, darting among the rocks as the sun sets—to express the fresh and confident feeling of this new cycle.  And in such a beautiful and fun way, she has visually captured the dynamic botanical abundance of each Grateful Body product.  

As formulator for Grateful Body . . . I am so very proud to introduce to you our brand new line of botanical skin care products.

Stay in touch,

Shannon Schroter

Founder & Formulator