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What is Real Moisturizing?

You’ve probably figured out that all moisturizers are not created equal. Why do some moisturizers feel so deeply satisfying to your skin, while others make you feel disappointed? Find out what truly nourishing formulas do for your skin compared to others that have a more superficial purpose.

What is the Skin?

Yes, the skin is the body’s largest organ and we’ve all seen those diagrams of the layers of the skin with the epidermis, hair follicles and sebaceous glands and collagen fibers, etc. But there's more . . .

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Two Types of Wrinkles

The changes are subtle at first. Before you know it, your young, smooth face is showing traces of aging. But, you have two types of wrinkles! Find out how many of these lines can gradually disappear. Also, is it possible to re-examine the cultural forces that encourage us to look at our wrinkles from a negative point of view? Our formulator talks about some of these issues.

photo by Jasper Graetsch

A Different Perspective on Wrinkles

My first Chinese Medicine teacher was little, not even 5 feet in his sandals, and exceedingly old, I would guess he was pushing 100 – but who knows with these taoist dudes – maybe he was 2 or 3 hundred years old. This guy was an old-world, transplanted Chinese doctor and he was contrary and eccentric . . .

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The Big Con

What is the behind the mystique of the beauty industry? What illusion perpetuates the idea of the perfect image, the ideal presentation? What cultural influences hypnotize us to think that looking young is so important? Our formulator talks about some of these issues.

photo by Valentin Salja

Three Little Skin Care Stories

Our bank scheduled a rep to come and talk to us about maybe setting up a new account. Right on the dot, the young man breezed in. “What do you do here?” he asked, looking around at the many racks of drying herbs and long shelves of tinctures and extracts. I looked at him carefully before I answered . . .

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