Velvet Phytonic




Velvet – the clarifying Phytonic for oily skin

Mix the oil-balancing efficacy of ginger juice, lemon peel and gum resin from ayurvedic guggul with the smoothing effects of daikon radish, kombu seaweed and pansy flowers, and you've got tremendous support for oily, shiny, congested or blemish-prone complexions. Add willowbark, rosehips and elderflowers for a truly beneficial formula.

2 oz-60 ml

How to use – Pump a small amount of Phytonic into your palm, rub palms together, then gently massage into skin. Follow with your Moisturizer or Restorative. Use as needed.

Super-charged with rare & potent nutrients, our trademark Phytonic is the next evolution in skin care! Grateful Body has created a unique, aqueous solution that combines beneficial gum resins, fermentations, flower essences, spagyric tinctures, vegetable juices, true hydrosols, seeds, cacao, and skin-specific botanicals to bring your skin to a healthy state of radiance and beauty.

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