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Our formulator's definition of real skin care

Your body is very particular, very precise about what it uses to keep itself strong and healthy. We call this the desire for what is 'Biologically Appropriate'. This is the impulse behind the wish to eat wholesome food, to drink fresh, clean water and to breathe pure air. It is the same with skin care. When we apply skin care products to our skin, our body must recognize it as food. When all ingredients are biologically appropriate, the skin is authentically nourished, strengthened and ~ naturally beautiful. This is our definition of real skin care.

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Nurturing, balancing, hydrating, effective, never harsh, non-stripping. Yes, please!
Uniquely and fascinatingly therapeutic, each toner beautifies as it strengthens your complexion
Facial Serums
Do you want lovely skin the healthy way? Make friends with these fantastically generous facial serums
Holistic moisturizing at its finest — these lavish formulations will make your day, every day
Midnight Oil offers mystically grounding and uplifting effects for you and those around you
Topical medicinal preparations using our powerful Botanical Integration approach

What people are saying

From the first night of use: my skin felt nourished beyond any of the thousands, and I do mean thousands, of products I have tested and used for 46 years. Thank you for the amazing alchemy that transpires under your skills, wisdom, hearts and minds.

FranceskaNevada City, CA

As a woman who insists on turning back the hands of time, I have tried many products over the years. There are none that even compare to the quality, consistency and real results that Grateful Body products provide.

KristenMilford, NH

I am 55 years young and have spent years in the sun playing tennis, volleyball, and golf. After only 30 days of using your products I have experienced a remarkable transformation on my face, neck and chest areas. Your products are amazing and miraculous.

LindaLos Gatos, CA

I'm enjoying your products tremendously. I feel good just reaching for them, with all that beautiful design, and putting them on my skin is such a treat! Absorption of LIFE!

MarthaBerkeley, CA