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Enhance your natural beauty by increasing your skin's health & vitality!

Nourish Moisturizer and Moisture Monsoon Serum Grateful Body skin care
rosemary raspberry for Grateful Body organic skin care
roses and roots Grateful Body organic vegan skin care
calendula flowers artisan organic skin care Grateful Body
Venus toner Grateful Body women's hormonal skin issues

biologically appropriate / slow-tech handcrafted / organic / non-toxic / cruelty-free / non-gmo / vegan

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Grateful Body Toner Collection
ONE LOVE Toner, VENUS Toner, GENTLE Toner, CLEAR Toner & SUNNY Toner
Facial Serums
SEVEN POWERS graceful aging serum & eye creme, MOISTURE MONSOON deep hydration serum
RICH is abundant. . . NOURISH is lighter. . . GENTLE is for sensitive skin
MIDNIGHT OIL for your whole body—mystically grounding and uplifting

What people are saying

You have no idea how loyal I am to Grateful Body. I knew from the second I used it that it resonates with me!

HelenaNew Brunswick, Canada

From the first night of use: my skin felt nourished beyond any of the thousands, and I do mean thousands, of products I have tested and used for 46 years.

FranceskaNevada City, CA

I'm enjoying your products tremendously. Putting them on my skin is such a treat! Absorption of LIFE!

MarthaBerkeley, CA
cruelty-free, non-gmo


vegan, gmo-free, cruelty-free

plantain for skin health


organic, biodynamic, wild-crafted

IMAGE BY Tom Rumble


vital, biologically-active, effective