Sustainable Botanical Skin Care

Nourish your skin's health & vitality without harming your health or your planet

slow-tech handcrafted / biologically appropriate & ultra-nourishing / non-toxic / organic / cruelty-free / non-gmo / vegan

Facial Serums
Don't fret about the passing years — just nourish your skin abundantly!
UV Protection
Looking for safe, non-toxic sun care? Shop our sun-smart botanical formulas.

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What people are saying

Yours is the only product line I have ever used without breakout from Rosacea. I am grateful for Grateful Body!

NancyBerkeley, CA

Just wanted to let you know that any time someone finds out how old I am - they are stunned, so I tell them the truth - that I have been a Grateful Body for more than 15 years and they would be smart to start now and they will be grateful too.

LeslieSacramento, CA

Thank you for your impeccable customer service every time I order from you. You are an incredible company and it is wonderful to be a customer.

DaphneConway, AR

From the first night of use: my skin felt nourished beyond any of the thousands, and I do mean thousands, of products I have tested and used for 46 years.

FranceskaNevada City, CA