A few letters from Grateful Bodies...

from Barb in Aromas, CA
"I love your products and your ethics. I am a 67 year old long time vegan, who is really tired of hearing that I need surgery, chemicals or any extreme measure to stay "young"! I don't want to be who I was, I want to be the best that I am now....and your wonderful products help me do just that. My daily rituals are enhanced by the feel and scent from every bottle. I am often curious about new lines that I see advertised, but they never measure up to Grateful Body."

from Linda in Los Gatos, CA
"I received the most wonderful gift from a dear friend. She purchased three products from your skincare line and invited me to change my current skincare line. I am 55 years young and have spent years in the sun playing tennis, volleyball and golf.  My skin has always been dry, my pores enlarged and skin cancer is always a concern for me. After only 30 days of using your products I have experienced a remarkable transformation on my face, neck and chest areas. Your products are amazing and miraculous. Thank you for your research and dedication in creating a beauty product line that truly works."

from Clarissa in Maplewood, NJ
"Just wanted to share how much I’m enjoying the products. I knew after one use that these are exceptional! They are very clean feeling (and clean smelling!) and my skin is very happy with each product I’ve tried. I’m slightly obsessed with safe skincare that actually performs and have tried many lines that are one or the other but it’s not often I come across a line that is both."

from Laurie in Boulder, CO
"I have purchased many of Grateful Body’s products for at least one year. The products are superb and I tried many organic skin care lines. Grateful Body is by far the superior organic skin care line of all other lines I have tried! Customer service is excellent and I highly recommend this product line hands down! Thank you Grateful Body!"

from Carole in Sonoma, CA
"I just wanted to say that my friend here at the Sonoma Holistic Center let me try a bit of your face lotion and OH MY GOODNESS!  What a lovely, wonderful, healing feeling on my face! And I have ‘mature’ skin, if you know what I mean. I just love that you are so concerned with health and chemical free ingredients!  I’m always searching for the most perfect products! I will tell my clients here at the center!"

from Susan in Middlebury, VT
"I’m friends with Larry Pleasant, owner of Vermont Soap Company, who has been a tireless crusader for natural beauty products for at least 20 years now. We saw each other recently and he pointedly complimented my skin – at 54 years old, with years spent as a lifeguard on Lake Michigan in my teens and early 20s and having struggled with acne from 12 years till about 32, that was quite a compliment. When I told him that my skincare regime was Grateful Body, he was most enthusiastic and only had glowing words for your company and your founder."

 from Alexis in Santa Fe, NM
"I don’t have bad skin, per se, but I do get clogged pores and blackheads. For as long as I can remember I have tried all kinds of over-the-counter products, in all price ranges. Even the best products would only work temporarily. In another “take a chance” shopping trip, I spoke with a service member at my local co-op. Her skin glowed and showed a radiant health that I wanted. I asked her what she used and she directed me to Grateful Body. With just the first use I saw noticeable differences in my skin. I’m now hooked!"

from Linda in Billings, MT
"People often ask what I use on my skin, and I always tell them about your products. The results speak for themselves and others want the same results.  I’m 62 now, people don’t believe I’m that old.  They say I look 20 years younger than my age.  It’s a result of using your product of pure botanicals, with no toxic ingredients that cause health problems and skin problems, that provide nutrition for my skin and eating correctly and getting exercise that keeps everything toned.  If it truly is a good product it will stand the test of time, by continuing to be a benefit to the user. Thank you all at Grateful Body, especially Shannon (I believe he’s the creator and skilled herbologist responsible for the product’s ingredients).  I’m enjoying his newsletters, which help me “feel” his passion for his products and the 'whole creation of them'."

from Trinity in Sebastopol, CA
"I will feature your products at my skin care classes at the California School of Herbal Studies as the right path to follow for intelligent skin food.  Most of my students want to learn to make their own skin care and I have seen that at the end of the day they also really wish to know what to buy and recommend to others.  You have really done an outstanding job with your products!  So happy your great work is in the world."

 from Christine in Santa Rosa, CA
"Hi there.  I ordered some products and have been using them for several days now, and wanted to let you know about the three things I really appreciate about your products: First - my skin feels and looks wonderful!  Usually I slather lotion on my face several times a day, but the dry skin moisturizer and midnight oil seem to last a long, lovely time (and the scent of the oil is mesmerizing...)  Second - your products are all natural, not mostly natural with some extra artificial stuff thrown in at the bottom of the ingredient list.  And, I appreciate that there is thought and concern given to how these botanicals are sourced.  Who wants a great skin cream if someone is decimating the rain forest for exotic plants? And finally - I love your founder’s take on life, and what it means to be a human living on, and taking nourishment from, our beautiful earth."

from Lucretia in Berkeley, CA
"I had terrible acne as a teenager, and now I have rosacea as an adult. I’ve tried so many things: prescription drugs, over-the-counter creams, acupuncture, herbal supplements, facials, dietary changes (this was the most effective treatment, but the rosacea still didn’t completely calm down). My rosacea appears as angry, red bumps which can be quite painful. When I discovered Grateful Body products, I was delighted with how my skin responded to the products. I use the Extra Gentle line, along with Rosacea Gold. My blotchy, bumpy red cheeks have smoothed out beautifully; but, what really makes a difference for me is being free from the pain. Thank you, Grateful Body, for all the work, research and love you put into your products!"

From Alison in Taos, NM
"I’m loving the products! I live in Taos, NM, higher elevation and dryer climate so appreciate the extra support of your Protective Serum. I’ve been using Grateful Body a little over a year now and can really see and feel the difference. I’ve worked with a lot of different lines especially as a massage therapist in spas and this is the BEST line I’ve found.....and so reasonably priced!"

from Michelle in San Francisco, CA
"Wow. I don’t know what to say. Thank-you seems so small! My long and unsuccessful affair  with chemical products (recommended by dermatologists) and my long search for vital and pure skincare is finally over (about 12 different brands, and 10 years searching). My skin is so happy, I am happy, I radiate beauty so much clearer now! Thank-you for being environmentally conscientious! Thank-you for your beautiful mission! Thank-you for being affordable! Thank-you for creating such vital and healing products! Thank-you for being so stylish throughout the entire process! Thank-you for helping to change social perceptions on beauty!"

from Suzette in Ventura, CA
"Dear Grateful Body, I love your products. Last winter I developed a skin irritation, I think I developed some type of allergy. This winter I tried your Facial Moisturizer and Eye Creme. Oh Happy Day! It immediately cooled the burning, stopped the itching!!!! and wonder of wonders over the course of about three weeks the irritation went away. I am eternally grateful. Love ya!"