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Are your products appropriate for vegetarian and vegans?

With the exception of the Clear Toner (which contains acacia black locust honey), all GratefulBody products are certified vegan and appropriate for vegetarians. They do not contain animal ingredients or animal by-products of any kind. We do not use meat industry waste products such as collagen, elastin, or gelatin. Grateful Body is certified by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics, an internationally recognized association of companies committed against animal testing.  Again, please note: Clear Toner contains honey and is suitable for vegetarians but not vegans.


What is your company philosophy on animal testing?

By following principles based on the awareness of the inter-connectivity of all living things, Grateful Body follows an ethical standard that doesn't allow any activity or procedure that harms or brings suffering to animals.

We are very, very strict on this issue. We categorically do not test on animals nor do we work with any companies or suppliers who do. In skin care marketing today, this is a tricky area. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has noted that unrestricted and unverified use of these phrases by cosmetic and skin care companies is prevalent due to the lack of legal definition of these terms. Often a company will say "cruelty-free" because they don't privately test on animals, but they still use bulk ingredients from companies who do.


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Can I use your products if I have very sensitive skin? And what about fragrances?

All Grateful Body products are, in general, appropriate for people with sensitive skin, because they are free of harsh, inappropriate synthetics. That said, it must be acknowledged that the pervasive presence of stress, chemicals and environmental pressures has taken a higher toll on certain individuals. That's why Grateful Body has formulated the 'Gentle' line. Safe, beneficial and gentle, these are made from the ingredients our experience has taught us are least likely to upset the delicately-balanced systems of the scent-intolerant, those with allergies, the environmentally injured, the immune compromised, and those with multiple chemical sensitivities.

If you have experienced these issues, start with our Gentle Cleanser, Gentle Toner, and Gentle Moisturizer. After a while, you may feel confident to add other products to your regimen (for example, the Seven Powers Serum), which has as one of its many benefits, the ability to help and protect sensitive skin.

Strictly speaking, ALL Grateful Body products are fragrance-free. At Grateful Body, we use only whole, unadulterated aromatic herbs, oils and essential oils to create the therapeutic aroma of each product. For our Gentle products, we use the less fragrant part of the plant, usually root, stem & bark, rather than the more aromatic aerial parts, for example, fruits and flowers. Incidentally, when you see 'fragrance' or 'parfum' on an ingredient label, it almost always refers to a proprietary (and therefore concealed & undisclosed on the label) blend of synthetic scenting agents and other chemicals. It is a common practice for many toxic ingredients, including the parabens, to be hidden within the 'fragrance' ingredient. Also, when you see 'scent-free' on a commercial product, this routinely indicates the presence of synthetic chemical scent-inhibitors. These are the very substances that so many are sensitive to!


Do you make any anti-aging products?

We do not make anti-aging products. However, we do make graceful aging products because a complexion that is generously and consistently nourished becomes stronger; it comes into a healthy balance and therefore ages more gracefully - without the telltale signs of stress, wear and depletion. Our most popular products for graceful aging are Seven Powers Serum and One Love Toner.

Inherent in our company principles is the attitude that aging is a rewarding part of the journey of life, so we prefer to avoid relating to this natural process as something negative that people should be self-conscious about. This is one reason why Grateful Body makes no product that manipulates the appearance of the skin by unnatural methods or substances. We believe that if we can cultivate increased self-acceptance and take good care of ourselves, we will age with grace and good humor, and therefore be a little wiser (and therefore more beautiful in a very important way) with each passing year.

If you wish to keep your skin as naturally young-looking as possible, we recommend taking full advantage of the varied nutritious 'meals' offered by Grateful Body. Each step in the full regimen (from Cleanser, to Toner, to Serum, to Moisturizer) plays a unique and important role if you are looking for optimal enhancement of the health, strength, elasticity, and resilience of your skin.


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Are your products safe for pregnant women?

The herbs and oils used in Grateful Body formulations have been used for their beneficial healing efficacy by countless generations and are not generally contra-indicated for pregnancy. Even so, every pregnant woman should carefully consider in a receptive way all food she ingests through her body and skin.

As a general rule, Grateful Body ingredients have been known to be safe and supportive for children and the child bearing process. But as with all powerful plant medicines the common-sense factor must be considered. If you have any hesitation, consult your midwife, doula or a healing professional.


Do your products contain sunscreens or have a SPF value?

We make no products with industrial sunscreens or sunblocks.  However, our Moisturizers and Serums contain SunSense, a naturally supportive formula developed by Grateful Body. SunSense is a collection of botanical oils and plant extractions that have proven to be a valuable aid to help the skin deal with UV exposure. Although none of our products have an official, certified SPF value, the addition of SunSense does impart an informal but useful Sun Protection value.

Despite the fact that the skin care industry maintains the position that sunscreens should be applied daily, Grateful Body argues that substances strong enough to actually block light from entering the skin invite far too much mischief - from cancer-related toxicity to the unknown hazards of their ingredients - including nano particles. Sunscreens chemicals are synthetic, hazardous, and are implicated in various health problems including the rise in skin cancers. Mineral sunscreens (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) have so far been marketed as a safer alternative to chemical sunscreens, but due to our concerns about the manufacturing processes of mineral sunscreens, including the toxic chemicals needed to process them, Grateful Body does not use these ingredients.

Humankind has always had to contend with the effects of the sun. It is, after all, a huge glowing fireball in the sky. Yet, our physical and emotional health requires a distinct amount of sunlight shining directly on our skin. For thousands of years, humans have needed to pursue a natural, instinctual relationship with the sun based on common-sense. Only in the last fifty years or so, with the advent of the 'miracles of chemicals' age, have we entertained the notion that we are exempt from this practical necessity. 

Various practices like wearing protective clothing, moderating your exposure to the sun's rays (especially during peak hours), drinking plenty of water, eating a diet rich in antioxidant-filled fruits and vegetables and using truly botanical skin care products are part of this common-sense relationship.

Spreading fear about the sun is very profitable - to the tune of billions of dollars a year. But Grateful Body products are formulated with gratitude in mind, not fear. Our innovative formulations holistically support skin exposed to the sun by delivering powerful antioxidants, preventing inflammation and providing excellent re-hydrating action of the surface skin tissues. Our wish is that these benefits, coupled with a common-sense approach to sun exposure, may support a healthier relationship with the sun - the benevolent, life-giving source of all biological existence on our planet. 

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