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A significant personal experience set the path for founder and principle formulator Shannon Schroter during his college years when two of his sisters died from cancer in their 20's. This initiated a strong desire to try and understand the essentials of healing. Thus began years of intense study of the Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, Tibetan and western herbal medicine systems, which included the great good fortune of studying with extraordinary teachers and masters, all guiding the way towards a more comprehensive understanding of true holistic principles. 

Shannon created his first apothecary and healing recipes in Northern California around 1982. His first herbal company was Middle Path Herbals, founded in 1984 in Seattle and offered a wide variety of medicinal herbal preparations. In 1998, Grateful Body was created; an inspiring adventure based on the wish to create vital formulas that could genuinely support the skin and body. Grateful Body was a long standing creator of fresh, organic, botanical products before there was a 'green' movement. Shannon chose the name Grateful Body to indicate his desire to be more grateful for the body we are given and for life all around us. Grateful Body will always hold a firm commitment to the health of people and the environment. 

-Shannon Schroter
Founder and Formulator

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