Our Ingredients

The Ingredients We Use
The Ingredients We Don't Use
Where We Get Our Ingredients


The ingredients we use

Our ingredient choices are key to the efficacious and beneficial value of our products. Since our ingredients are synergistic botanical preparations - using therapeutic, whole plant ingredients - the results are safe, ethical, highly effective skin care preparations. Our source botanicals are vital, fresh and potent - organic, biodynamically grown and ethically wildcrafted - prepared via methods developed to keep their prime nutrient profile intact.

Because our botanical ingredients are grown in bio-active soil, are in their whole state and are not chemically processed, they are beneficial for the skin and are firmly recognized by the body's healing and repairing mechanisms for therapeutic use. This is the real definition of skin care.

We choose our ingredients on the principle that this body is harmoniously connected to all life; therefore we earnestly follow fundamental guidelines based on the intelligence of nature, not on the intellect of the laboratory


The ingredients we don’t use

Here's a short synopsis of ingredients we do not use:

No GMOs, chemical fragrances or colors, hazardous preservatives, nano particles, petroleum/coal tar or formaldehyde based ingredients, oleo-chemicals, cosmeceuticals, bioceuticals, hydroxy acids, hyaluronic acid, peptides, esters, animal by-products, botanical materials that have been standardized or botanical isolates.

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Where we get our ingredients

We personally grow many of the herbs used in our products. Over the years, we've perfected our formulas to use the many plants that we can easily grow here from seed to harvest. Some of our plants are grown locally by other neighborhood gardeners. And since we live in a region that favors certain types of plants, we need gardeners - that live in different locales - to grow or harvest plants for us - think the desert, the northwest, the mountainous areas, etc. This way we get a good cross-section of healing botanicals. All of our hand-picked growers have a love of the land dear to their heart. 

These enthusiasts tend their crops with phenomenally high standards that incorporate an understanding of the dynamic forces in nature not commonly recognized by science. Concentrating on working in harmony and being receptive to the living soil, Grateful Body has the great fortune of using plants containing unparalleled vitality.

Because Grateful Body also uses so many wild, undomesticated plants from all over the rugged and uninhabited corners of the earth, we are a passionate advocate of ethical wildcrafting. This means harvesting in the wild with respect and mindfulness. A small sampling of some of the wild plants we use are certain wild mushrooms and seaweeds, the needles, leaves and berries of large forest trees and shrubs, lichens and mosses, alpine flowers and appalachian roots, and leaves & fruits from the rain forest canopy.

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